When Race Baiting Goes Wrong

Late yesterday evening. WTMJ Channel 4 in Milwaukee decided to run a story about northern Wisconsin newspaper and attempted to entice it’s readers with a story on bad editing and race. Furthering the race baiting in this state.    Negro_newspaper_headline_1445554587060_25614727_ver1.0_640_480

The story can be found here     ,and the facebook post can be found here

For those that actually read the story. The new city assessors name is Mari Negro. She was hired by the city of Menominee.  Which is not even in Wisconsin.  Bad taste and decision by the editor ?  You bethcha !

However, let’s take a look at the WTMJ4 story;

Here is a direct quote from the story.  “A front page headline in a western Wisconsin newspaper Thursday caused some readers to do a double take.”

Here is the facebook posting they  put up on their facebook page  ;

“A Front Page Headline In A Northwest Wisconsin Newspaper”  

Perhaps someone might want to explain to the editors over at WTMJ Channel 4 news . That Marinette couldn’t be anymore further NORTHEAST Wisconsin if they tried?    Perhaps WTMJ should be more concern with their own editing skills and not other news outlets?   instead of trying to inflame race tensions in this state?  Perhaps someone might to drop off a few maps for them? Maybe a compass?


2015, the year to be offended, indeed……..

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