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Governor Scott Walker …and more death threats.

I know shocking right?  This time over at the Ron Kind page   Jeff Miletich calls for Wisconsin deer gun hunters to “put down” Governor Scott Walker with the 2015 Wisconsin gun deer hunting season quickly approaching. Advertisements

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Wisconsin state senator Tom Tiffany receives death threats

    …via Facebook  from former lieutenant governor candidate Mary Jo Walters   ;  This is what Wisconsin democrats look like?

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Flag Burner Lies To Fox 6 News

By now you’ve probably seen the images floating around social networking of Corey Kirkwood standing on the American flag outside of Tuesdays night GOP debate.   You’ve also probably watched the video that went viral of the three Milwaukee Police … Continue reading

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Wisconsin state senator Lena Taylor celebrates flag desecration on the eve of Veterans Day

Who posts photos being proud of protests outside the GOP debate tonigh with people stomping on the American Flag and yes, burning the flag the night before Veterans Day? democrat senator from Wisconsin named Lena Taylor…. that’s who.  She edits … Continue reading

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