Someone has a case of the sadz

Looks like obsessed Walker stalkers ,and serial reporters Sarah Wagner and Jim Honeck are back to their old tricks.   It would appear as if neither of them want you to know how obsessed they are,and are now reporting url’s with names in them.

This reported yesterday on the Knot My Wisconsin faceboook page ;   DERPHONKERS1

We were tipped off by this last week by a facebook fan on KMW page that Sarah Wagner has also been doing this on the Governor Scott Walker page as well.   You see , in typical liberal fashion. They only support freedom of speech when it suits their little agendas. All other speech is subjected to suppression by them.  You can find Sarah every day on the Governor Scott Walker page. Where she spends fourteen-sixteen hours a day on there. Spamming the page , arguing with anyone and everyone who will give the little attention whore attention,and reporting anyone who disagrees with her.   Yes, a real “winner” in life this one is.  Yes, this one is a prime example of “Walker Derangement Syndrome”.

Oh and for the liberal goons reading this ?  I hope you’re enjoying Scott Walker on the national stage right now. Yes, you built that, and are not smart enough to even figure it out.

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One For The Good Guys

Two thumbs up for Milwaukee business owner  Rami Murrar for exercising his second amendment rights, and protecting himself under the castle doctrine in Wisconsin.

Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

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Knotitifact ; Operation Burn Notice

DERP1234 LOL! I mean, all people need to do in deciding who to vote for is look at the vile scum Walker attracts, like dummy David Arnot. Walker supporters are disgusting little vermin who hate everyone who isn’t obsessed with Walker. Hell, look back to the recall when right wing hate group Knot My Wisconsin tried to commit criminal activities like burning recall petitions. They’ve spent 4 years since wasting every single day of their lives harassing union supporters online and offline. Is that the kind of people we want running our country? hell no! But David wouldn’t know anything about that, would he? Nah. Not him~   Meg Gorski  socialist blowhard blogger ,and Co-Chair of the Socialist Party USA International committee  on  July 27th, 2015.

They don’t come any dumber than Meg Gorski  .  Let’s take a look at her comment and break it down into actual facts, shall we?

LOL! I mean, all people need to do in deciding who to vote for is look at the vile scum Walker attracts, 

Vile scum?   You don’t say?  Anyone want to point out all the links on the web where Wisconsin republicans have been caught acting like this?

Some would say “vile”   is watching the hate mongers spew their hate in this state for the last four years.  We will simply remind everyone that the domain name was bought the night Scott Walker was elected on November 2nd, 2010.

Walker supporters are disgusting little vermin who hate everyone who isn’t obsessed with Walker.  

They say actions speaks louder than words. You need to look no further than the links above here and at social networking who are filled with nothing but “HATE” every  time the name “Scott Walker ” is mentioned. It’s always the same, instant meltdown , like Meg’s above here in the screen shot.  Her daily obsession on twitter with Scott Walker is kind cute .  Well if you’re into creepy obsessiveness.

Oh and speaking of hate;  Getting caught screaming racial slurs at conservative talk show host  James T Harris really is a special breed of stupid;

They’ve spent 4 years since wasting every single day of their lives harassing union supporters online and offline.

Um no, many people in this state have spent the last four years LAUGHING at you ass clowns for your daily crying over not getting your way, having daily tantrums on social networking and not being able to get over election results. We’re just the ones who openly talk about it and point out the liberal stupidity.  Why does Meg Gorski hate free speech so much?     We hate to be the one that breaks this earth shattering news to everyone here , but it’s not just the “Knot My Wisconsin ” crew who is doing exactly that both online AND offline.  We know,  it’s hard to phantom when you’re constantly stuck in denial of having the voters soundly reject your shitty policies the last four years at the polls in local elections in Wisconsin over the last four years huh?

Hell, look back to the recall when right wing hate group Knot My Wisconsin tried to commit criminal activities like burning recall petitions. 

We did no such thing.   In fact that would be quite the libelous statement.  Operation Burn Notice (the greatest troll in the history of Facebook )  was a parody trolling facebook page where we duped millions upon millions of liberals in October and November of 2011 to ASSUME that people were burning recall petitions.   You see that  issue with dumbfucks like Meg.  They cannot grasp the reality of actually talking about it on facebook and actually doing it are two entirely different things.  The Operation Burn Notice facebook page was an absolutely  prime example of showing how big of sheep liberals truly are in this country, and will believe anything they read and see. That list included media,pacs, bloggers(we use that term loosely LOL!) , and voters who were so unhinged on nailing Scott Walker before that recall election that they were willing to throw common sense right out the window. They choose to head right for internet gossip,hearsay,and assumptions.    They’re just too stupid to figure that out,even after three years of having people laugh at them for it now.

In fact, the only people who destroyed recall petitions in that 2012 recall madness time frame where Democrat union thugs. As they were caught on video doing exactly that;

Is that the kind of people we want running our country?

You mean the actual adults in Wisconsin? Yes, that is exactly WHO should be running this country.   Not a bunch of partisan union hacks, and liberals whose only interest is self serving, and openly cheer for Wisconsin to fail for their little political agendas.  Which is not what is in the best interest of this ENTIRE state.  Yes,  people are correct to say “Walker Derangement Syndrome” with Dan Bice’s hit piece.  and the rantings of one Meg Gorski. We mean would you want someone running this country who once compared the bible as a rape manual ???

It is utterly killing some of these moon bats in Wisconsin right now to see Scott Walker gains momentum and support in his presidential run.   When and if he wins the republican nomination?  We here at the Knot think heads will start exploding in Dane county.   This is going to be so much fun to watch.


We here at the Knot rate Meg Gorski’s little rant ;


OH!!!!!!!! ..and one last issue here.   Meg Gorski can be found trolling the Governor Scott Walker Facebook page under the facebook page “Ruby Redd”. As she is one of a few people who have admins on that page who spews her hate daily ,and harasses people with posting blogs with  innocent  Scott Walker supporters personal information on it.    I guess that is who the Socialist of Party of Wisconsin represents? Right?  Perhaps people like Meg Gorski should be taken a long look at themselves in mirror before throwing stones at glass houses when it comes to being vile ,pointing out others hatred, and behavior?

In other news. We found this on the internet.  We mean it’s on the internet. So it has to be true , right?   Perhaps we should console Meg on this as well?  We’re sure she could come up with a reason to explain to everyone how this is real as well?


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Wisconsin DOA Arrests Liberal Nut Job For Bomb Threats At State Capitol.

55 year old Daniel Veerhusen of Madison has been arrested for last weeks bomb threats at the state capitol.


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Scott Walker announces run for president; Left wing moonbats have a meltdown

Welcome to another installment of Scott Walker receives more death threats.   We here at the Knot are wondering if a criminal complaint and arrest warrant will be issued for him, just like this cray cray   ?  or does the left wing media only get upset when it happens to Obama?  Liberal tolerance on display again for us.

Threats1 Threats

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More threats on Facebook for Scott Walker

Check out this guy over at the Daily Beast facebook page.  Clearly a classic case of Scott Walker derangement syndrome.   Liberals are such the tolerant bunch.




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Happy Birthday Llew Walker;Internet Warrior Jim Honeck has another meltdown

Some of you remember the February  blogs about Scott Walker parent being protested at their home in Milwaukee County.  Well it’s has come to a new low today. Harassing Scott Walker and his supporters in a Facebook posting of Scott Walker wishing his father a happy birthday.    In which is quite different than the 2014 version.   As we get closer to Scott Walker making a decision on running for president. The louder the hate becomes.

Today on facebook the majority of the hate comes from Jim Honeck again. You might remember our two part version of Mr. Honeck and his obsession for the Governor Scott Walker page . If you can need to be caught up .  They can be found here and here .   Speaking of Mr. Honeck. We’ve been presented with a little update here.  Here is Mr. Honeck in his own words under two of his facebook trolling pages he was using back in late 2013-earlier 2014 of what he intentions are on the Governor Scott Walker  page;



We’ve heard quite the claims of “Freedom of Speech” often through the years on the Governor Scott Walker page,and how they have a right to not have their posts removed on social networking,and troll the Governor Scott Walker page.  Life Hackers goes into a pretty good detail of why you do not .   It’s a 2012 article, but the points are still valid.    You see, Facebook is a private entity(which stocks are publicly sold).   You do not have any rights to free speech on Facebook. No matter who is the administrator of the page.  Many people do not bother to read Facebook terms of service which you agree with their terms of service up when you sign up for Facebook.   Facebook page policy can be found here also.

Speaking of terms of service.  As you can see from the screen shots below.  Mr. James Honeck is claiming his rights were violated today and people should follow the “facebook rules”.   Ok. We’ve linked them here. Let’s take a look shall we?

  1. Registration and Account SecurityFacebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:
    1. You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.
    2. You will not create more than one personal account.
    3. If we disable your account, you will not create another one without our permission.

Mr. Honeck’s multiple accounts ;  (Mr. Honeck six year old Facebook account that is now disabled for harassment and filing fake DCMA reports to facebook)    (this account has changed its name from Jim Honeck, to Jack Flash to Jim Honeck )  &   We here at the Knot are very sure Jim Honeck’s name is not Art Waukesha .  (account name was Grant Guess which was created to harass the real Grant Guess which is now disabled)  (another one of his accounts)

We are also very sure at this time. Mr. Honeck does not have Facebook’s written  permission to back on facebook after being disabled, and he sure is not suppose to be have more than one account.   He has more which can be found on the original blog of ours. Perhaps Jim Honeck would like start following his own advice of following the “Facebook Rules” ?  Hmmm  🙂

A few of Mr. Honeck pages from today(most of them were either created today or in the last few days);

Screen Shots from today. ;


4 5 6 7   7b 8 9 10 11 11a 12 13

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Monday Morning Derp!


Some times liberals just show just how ridiculous they are to the world.  Yesterday afternoon our great governor Scott Walker posted a nice photo of our Wisconsin state capitol  from across Lake Mendota.  Pretty normal behavior right?    


image credit Facebook

Well not for liberals, in comes a liberal troll to point out the ridiculousness of his anger and blind hatred for Scott Walker.   Way to show your  off your tolerance,and ignorance in a few posts, Stu;


Apparently someone needs a few geography and civics lessons as well.   Scott Walker wouldn’t be at the U.S. Capitol if he decides to run for president of the United States. He would be at the White House .  Last we heard, he wasn’t trying to decide if he was running for  an U.S. Rep or Senate seat.     Secondly,  Oh we are rather sure that Lake Mendota is about five plus times the size of the capitol reflecting pool  , and no where near Washington , D.C.

We rate this;

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No charges for Madison police officer in Tony Robinson shooting

DEVELOPING: Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced Tuesday afternoon that he would not be pursuing charges against the Madison police officer who shot Tony Robinson

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Re: Meet Internet Warrior Jim Honeck

Gather around our gentle readers.  At 2:00 a.m this morning Jim Honeck filled a DCMA take down notice on this blog piece by us from yesterday.   DCMA1DCMA2

As you can see by the screen shots. Mr. Honeck request was denied under the terms of fair use.  Apparently Mr. Honeck had to learn the hard way that this isn’t Facebook where you can fraudulently file DCMA take down notice and work loop holes. As he has done before.   Oh and butthurt isn’t a tort.  Obviously, Mr.Honeck only wants freedom of speech when it’s suit his little agenda, and all other speech is subjected to suppression by him.  It’s been the little internet trolls ,and thugs agenda’s for the last four years in this state. One thing we’re sure of is that Mr. Honeck does not want anyone to find out of what exactly he has been up to the last four years on facebook with  his harassment of others.


Here is Mr. Honeck under one of his fake pages in 2013 trying to bully and harass people on the Governor Scott Walker facebook page by stealing people profile pictures and using them.



We also do have a short update here.  It has also come to our attention. That late last night, Mr. Honeck did take it upon himself to start making threats to people on the Governor Scott Walker facebook page(I know shocking right?) .   We’re not sure who this David guy is, but Mr. Honeck decided to post his personal information with posting his resume on the Governor Scott Walker page.  However, we’re assuming here. The second screen shot is a reference to Deputy Communications Director for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Julie Lund? Someone might want to contact to her and let her know what he is up to.


HoneckHarrassing1 HoneckHarssing2. PNG


Thank you to everyone who continues to send us this information. Oh and let’s not forget kids what exactly we’ve learned here today;



l1ltx l1lzhkryzs

Some content on this page was disabled on August 10, 2016 upon receipt of a valid complaint regarding the publication of private information. You can read more about’s private information policy here:

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